Location Manager
Location Manager


Each location is chosen in direct relation to a certain project. This essentially means that we match locations to a story, character, event, etc. The process of location searching starts with scouting. This is an initial survey of possible suitable locations and may involve the production team looking at several options with a view to making a decision on their preferred location.

Making a decision

When choosing a location the production team will look at the following criteria.

Size and style of location, colours, street position, access, parking, noise issues, neighbouring properties, light, affordability, unique features.


Film & Television projects may vary in length from a few hours to one day or more as required. All location providers are consulted in regard to the possible duration of a filming event prior to any decisions being made.

Number of cast and crew also differs according to each project. A stills shoot may involve 5 people. Drama crews may have 25-50 people. Full scale feature films may have more than 100 people involved.


As each film and television / stills project differs so does the payment made to location providers. All payments are discussed with location providers prior to any event.

Location payments vary and will depend on the following aspects.

  • Production budget
  • Duration and description of filming activity (number of hours / days, action involved).
  • Access to the property (possibly prior to and upon completion of filming).
  • Areas used within location/s. (i.e restricted access etc).


Location providers will be issued with a current Certificate of Currency (for no less than $10 million) from the relevant production company prior to any filming event. This is in addition to a location agreement (signed by the location provider/s and production company / producers) that outlines the filming event and includes all details as discussed.

What happens now?

We will contact you in relation to your registered property should we wish to discuss a possible film shoot or require more information.

Please make sure that you include all relevant information on the "register your location" page.

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